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VENCE – Prodigal Bikes is a small craft workshop, exclusively established with the objective of “re-draw” old or vintage motorcycles, according to a new vintage style.

It all started with a challenge: the precise intention to recover and select all those bikes were born from a good project – even though little or completely misunderstood and recognized by the market.

Those are the so-called “ugly ducklings”, the misunderstood and forgotten bikes: through careful and consistent re-design, after a accurate and scrupulous re-building made of craftsmanship and uniqueness, they come back to life, now prodigal, devote to the owner.

A romantic vision of motorcycling world, “bride” of the noble aluminum to model new guises, and “loving lover” of new technologies and accessories to tone and reinvigorate structures and dynamics.


Simple, dynamic, daily and with a timeless style…


functional and essential.

Back to the concept of old bikes, free of unnecessary frills or redundant superstructure. Concrete and substantial.


light, snappy and exciting.

Extensive use of aluminum, new components and modern technology in the service of the movement. New efficiency for fulfillment on the road.


robust and reliable.

Accurate revisions, calibrated measures of performance optimization, new treatments and materials on the strategic components for maximum functionality and usability.

Timeless style

cured and evergreen.

Specifics and unique details, flawless finishing, reconstruction of all main superstructure and more, with handcrafted aluminum and CNC, revisiting specifically the classic lines of the past, disengaged from contemporary trends.

Re-dress, without necessarily stripping.

What is not made directly in-house, is given to specialists with proven experience and reliability, selected and evaluated over time, following the project and the careful and constant monitoring of VENCE – Prodigal Bikes.

We mainly focus on Japanese bikes, German and some Italian “winged”,
possibly from 70s to 90s (or slightly higher) to realize unique and artisan models.



Dedicated to a special person …as well as “godmother” of the brand, who has always supported VENCE and this first realization, sharing enthusiasm in every phase of the project, from the first sketches to the final result.

From an old tank of a Guzzi Lodola Bike 175 bought from a corner market, it comes the idea of reviving an airy Flat Vintage Scrambler, based on a Suzuki XF 650 Freewind abandoned in a garage, with only 20,000 kilometers and a decade of honorable but frustrating service at a driving school.

As is inherent in the meaning of “prodigal”, this first realization has a dual role, without changing its soul.

After removing only four screws, disassembling the tail it is possible to change the seat with a longer one, adjustable by predetermined edges of the rear fender, a specific wired mini beats light. In this way, passing the cable by fixing points already in place on the frame, you will be able to strip the Lady O, giving her a different look.

Easily in a few minutes, it is possible to characterize Lady O. covering her with a short dress, from the most scramblers and cheeky.



Sabrina (movie of 1954) was a pretty, shy and a bit awkward girl of humble origins. Frustrated because of his unrequited love for the scion of the family in which her father worked as a driver, Sabrina tried to commit suicide. Saved at the last minute, she was sent to Paris, where she attended a prestigious school.
Back home, Sabr&ina was totally renovated: from awkward, insecure girl, into a beautiful and elegant young woman.

Reviewing the sinuous lines of a Honda VF 750 Sabre tank, retrieved on a website, it comes the challenge of bringing to the rank of “New-Classic Cafe Racer” an Honda CB 500 Y (always misunderstood or in most cases forgotten) retired early by his elderly owner before the normal trial stage.
After an almost total inaction for 13 years and less then 9000 km in assets, it has arrived for her the time to live a second life.

…Stay tuned!



“Eagle & Wing”

From an old tank of a Honda CB 400 Super Sport, comes the idea of revive the misunderstood “little chopper” of Mandello del Lario, defunct more than a decade in the corner of a box.

Free from any puristic dictates and driven by the desire to go beyond traditional shapes, we re-dress the little twin cylinder in a “New-Brat” style, animating the essential architecture of the V50 “short stroke” hidden under the only models V35 Florida and NTX.

All this is consistent with the mission of VENCE – Prodigal Bikes
…Simple, dynamic, daily,
, and with a timeless style…




Which prerogatives have the transformations and Prodigal Bikes’projects for VENCE?

  • “Born from a good project”… 90% of the circulating bikes were created by good project. If you chose that bike, or you charge us to choose it for you, it is because you agreed.
    “Re-building” means for us to improve and never distort..
    We try to keep unchanged as much as possible (therefore by law) the basic structures of the bike (wheel diameter, wheelbase, engine characteristics).
    Special and various needs will always be the subject of careful consideration during the design phase and evaluated by expert advice for all matters relating to permits and approvals, if and when is feasible.
  • We totally revisit the lines of the bike. All of its superstructure (tank, side panels, tail, wings) are re-created from scratch according to your tastes, in line with the features of the bike and also in aluminum wrought by hand, as well as functional pieces needed.
    We love the simplicity, the attention to detail, the respect for the timeless lines, to write a new story.
  • We use new parts and accessories (wheels, brakes, suspension, tires, LED lights, speedometers, radiators, manifolds and exhaust pipes, saddles, lithium batteries, new wiring, all the best brands and market leaders).
  • We perform new treatments (pickling and anodizing, plating, peening, etc.) and careful reviews of each structures (chassis, engine, engine head flushing ducts CNC re-profiling valves, etc.). All at the service of a new dynamism, reliability and a daily usability.

“Prodigal ..back to a new life”… The improvements made, the general review, performance not on extreme level, the compliance with original frame geometry… all these are leading to a new feature (more maintainable with the OEM provided for the bike).
However, we must not forget that every Prodigal Bikes always arises from a frame and an engine of years ago (or from an unknown past) and you need to be always prepared to treat them with more respect.

How much does it cost a VENCE - Prodigal Bikes project?

  • In line with the peculiarities of our realization (handmade aluminum superstructure, new and top grade components, etc.) in any case is up to you to determine how much to spend.
    Anyway the final price depends on many factors: e.g. the condition of the bike at start-up; your requests during the project study; the level you want to bring your bike “Prodigal”.

Regardless of whether our previous implementation can meet or not to your taste, we firmly believe that (no matter which project) the job should be done at the highest level and without compromise.
This aligns a high standard to an equal cost/value.

Can I buy a VENCE - Prodigal Bikes?

  • Sure! All VENCE creation are produced with the aim to communicate an idea, a vision, a way of living the bike. The purpose -and ultimate meaning- is to intercept and realize this dream.
    We do not create anything that has the only purpose to gratify ourselves. Our satisfaction is the result of your.

If you find everything sublimate in our creations, aware of the work done consistently for the project and you are seriously interested, now you know that “Lady O” as well as “Sabreina” could be yours… contact us.

Can be 'duplicate' a VENCE - Prodigal Bikes?

  • Each creation is unique. What arises internally or has been made on your specifications, is and will remain unique.
  • If you like an already working model and / or you have the same basic bike of a VENCE creation and you would like to charge us for its transformation, you should know that we will not achieve any copies. We will do better. We reinterpret that genre and/or style, concepts and solutions, but in new forms and lines. All this to guarantee the exclusivity of the Prodigal bikes, and for the benefit of its owner… express themselves in the own passions, always permit to discover new uniqueness.

We’re not contrasting trends, styles or custom-moods. Our work lives and moves right inside of it, thankfully leaving us free of expressing ourselves.

When we choose a replication, it will be because, after careful analysis and evaluation (for special and defined bikes) we first designed, engineered and made available to you a range of Customizing Kits, with which you can customize your vehicle. Consistent with the characteristics that distinguish us for the choice of material, the manual process… and all done to the highest standard.

We are a very small craft enterprise who creates unique pieces. This is our creed.



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